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Shuttle stretch: Congress should provide funding to extend the life of the shuttle program, Houston Chronicle

"We agree with Sen. Hutchison that the nation should not be forced into a false choice between maintaining the shuttle or developing other programs while relying on the Russians or Chinese for access to space. We can -- and must -- do both, and additional short-term funding for the shuttle is the best route to preserving our independent launch capabilities while building a robust manned space program for the future."

Slow new space shuttle, don't kill it, says Bishop, Salt Lake Tribune

"Bishop called Obama's cut "naive" and argues that it will not only cede American space superiority to Russia, India and China, but it will hurt national security. "The kinds of people and the kinds of jobs that build a rocket to put a man on the moon, are the same kinds of jobs and the same kinds of people who build missiles to defend this country," he said."

Lawmakers want another NASA study, Orlando Sentinel

"The lawmakers, including U.S. Rep. Bill Posey, R-Rockledge, want NASA to conduct a 30-day study that would find ways within NASA's proposed $19 billion budget to "ensure uninterrupted, independent U.S. human space flight access," according to a letter outlining their request."

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