Florida Space Day

Florida Space Day in Tallahassee March 3, 2010

"Key representatives from Florida's space industry will visit Tallahassee to participate in Florida Space Day and share the challenges the industry faces in ensuring Florida remains at the forefront of the nation's space program. Florida Space Day is a milestone event that presents an opportunity to educate and bring awareness to Florida legislators on the significance of the aerospace industry and its impact on Florida's economy."

Our views: Stand and deliver on space (March 3), Florida Today

"This year, there must be more than unmet promises, with catastrophic job losses coming soon because President Obama is calling for a major shift in NASA's direction, using private industry to send astronauts into orbit. Some 9,000 workers from Kennedy Space Center will get the ax with the shuttle program's end and cancellation of the Constellation moon project, with 14,000 indirect jobs that rely on NASA paychecks also lost."

Space Coast lobbyists told bleak economy will limit state aid, Orlando Sentinel

"With just four space shuttle missions left and 23,000 job losses looming when the orbiters stop flying, Gov. Charlie Crist is making a big push to help the state's struggling space sector in this year's legislative session. But Florida's dismal economic realities are threatening to derail his efforts."

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