Participatory Exploration - Actually Doing It

Moon and Everest Rocks At Home in Space

"Photo: NASA astronaut Robert Behnken, STS-130 mission specialist, poses for a photo near the windows in the Cupola of the International Space Station while space shuttle Endeavour remains docked with the station. Next to him is the plaque containing Apollo 11 Moon rocks and a piece of the summit of Mt. Everest."

Keith's note: With regard to all of this chatter about getting the public more involved in what NASA does: NASA talks a lot about something they like to call "Participatory Exploration" OK, I'm certainly cool with all of that. This video below of a live interview I did at Everest Base Camp (4:00 am, -10F) with Miles O'Brien as Scott Parazynski stood atop Mt. Everest. This is a rather raw example that they should try and emulate. Its not always pretty, but its very real.

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