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Commercial Spaceflight Federation Hails President's Space Plan As Creating "More Spacecraft, More Astronaut Flights, and More Jobs"

"The President's plan increases NASA's budget by $6 billion over 5 years and includes new investments in exploration to Mars and other destinations, new technologies, and commercial spaceflight. The President stated, "I am 100 percent committed to the mission of NASA and its future," and added, "We will work with a growing array of private companies competing to make getting to space easier and more affordable."

Space Exploration in the 21st Century, Coalition for Space Exploration

"While the steps outlined by President Obama are encouraging, many key issues and concerns remain with regard to the transition from the current programs to the proposed new exploration agenda and the impact that it will have on our nation's space industrial base and global leadership. Delaying a decision until 2015 on the design of a heavy-lift vehicle, the establishment of its first human exploration mission for no earlier than 2025, as a precursor to a Mars expedition in 2030, threatens to sacrifice a generation of experience and expertise in our nation's human space flight workforce."

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