Faux News Update

Spaceballs - Fox News article about NASA's future stokes Cold War fears with false experts, Columbia Journalism Review

"Obama's proposal marks a dramatic shift in the U.S. program for space exploration, worthy of debate. It's unfortunate, then, but unfortunately not surprising, that some news outlets have turned questions of serious policy into political spaceballs. One week before Obama's speech, a science reporter at FoxNews.com, who frequently provides a platform for climate change skeptics (examples here, here, here and here), zeroed in on long-standing plans to retire the deteriorating space shuttle this fall, a cost-saving (and perhaps life-saving) move that will force NASA to depend on Russia's Soyuz spacecraft for transportation to and from the space station."

And Now A Word From The Lunatic Fringe, Earlier Post

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Kepler Communications - Aether
Baen Books - The Spacetime War by Les Johnson

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