Texas (Still) Does Not Like Obama's Space Plan

Space politics: Obama must do more to ensure that all NASA centers receive transition assistance, editorial, Houston Chronicle

"What about us? That was the common refrain from Houston-area elected officials after President Barack Obama's speech at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida this week outlining measures to soften the blow to thousands of NASA employees who will be laid off with the cancellation of the Constellation program. In attempting to placate congressional critics of his new NASA road map, Obama explicitly set a goal of a manned landing on Mars in the 2030s, a revival of the Orion manned capsule as a lifeboat at the International Space Station and development of a powerful rocket with the capability to send astronauts beyond low-Earth orbit."

Texans team up against Obama space vision, Houston Chronicle

"Texas' congressional delegation presented a united, bipartisan front on Friday, saying President Barack Obama's compromise on his space budget doesn't go far enough and calling upon him to visit Johnson Space Center. Meeting with the media in the shadow of a massive Saturn V rocket like those that blasted Apollo astronauts to the moon, Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and four Houston-area representatives said America must not lose its capability of launching U.S. astronauts into space."

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