This is How Urban News Myths Start

Obama Touts Connection to Space Program in New National Ad (2008)

"BO: One of my earliest memories going with my grandfather to see some of the astronauts brought back after a splashdown, sitting on his shoulders waving a little American flag. And my grandfather would say you know boy American's we can do anything that we put our minds to."

Feud Over NASA Threatens America's Edge in Space, Wall Street Journal (2010)

"Mr. Obama, who often recounts watching NASA launches as a youngster perched on his grandfather's shoulders, says he hopes to lead the agency through a historic shift."

Keith's note: This is how urban news myths start. A single landing in Hawaii becomes multiple launches (presumably) in Florida. I first posted this a week ago. The WS Journal has not corrected their website. Nor has the author (Andy Pasztor - I sent him an email) apparently paid any attention to my citation of his overt error.

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