A Gathering Storm Of Opposition Mounts

NASA's vision gets another battering, MSNBC

"By now you probably have figured out that this committee is not with you," Rep. John Garamendi, D-Calif., told Bolden. The administrator said he was getting that message."

Armstrong, Cernan challenge plan to scrap moon program, Houston Chronicle

"It was during long flights to the Middle East for goodwill visits to American troops that former astronauts Neil Armstrong, Eugene Cernan and James Lovell hatched a plan to step out of the pages of history with a mission to change its course once more. The carefully calculated decision in March has brought two of the three marquee space pioneers to the halls of Capitol Hill to publicly -- and politically -- challenge President Barack Obama's plan to scrap the nation's back-to-the-moon program."

Ex-astronauts blast 'nowhere' mission, Huntsville Times

"We (Neil Armstrong, Jim Lovell and I) have come to the unanimous conclusion that this budget proposal presents no challenges, has no focus and in fact is a blueprint for a mission to 'nowhere,'" Cernan said in his written testimony before the House Committee on Science and Technology."

Legendary astronauts outline shortfalls of Obama spaceflight plan, The Hill

"From the very beginning it was clear that NASA's proposal lacked the sufficient detail that Congress would need to determine whether it was a credible plan," Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX) said."

NASA Finds New Criticism and Skepticism Before Congress

"So far we have not seen any hard analysis from the administration that would give us confidence that it can be done for the amount budgeted," [Rep. Bart Gordon] said."

EDITORIAL: NASA future still a vast unknown, Huntsville Times

"A story Tuesday by Times aerospace writer Lee Roop said the General Accountability Office has warned NASA headquarters against crossing the legal line of initiating new space policy while Congress continues to debate whether Constellation will end. U.S. Reps. Parker Griffith, R-Huntsville, Robert Aderholt, R-Haleyville, and 13 other members of Congress requested the GAO investigation to determine whether the new mission planning violated the law against creating new programs, projects or activities."

Utah Lawmakers Unhappy With Obama NASA Plan, Capitol News

"Utah lawmakers are pushing back against President Obama's proposal for NASA and the future of human space flight. Jobs in Utah and nationwide are in jeopardy."

Obama NASA Changes Could Benefit Colorado, Capitol News

"President Obama wants to scrap the so-called Constellation program and focus on new technology for the future. He's also calling for increased reliance on the private sector for manned space flight. Jobs around the country are in jeopardy and many lawmakers, especially Republicans, are vowing to block the President's plan. Not Udall."

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