Get Your Kids to Send In Space Google Doodles

Reader note: "Keith et al: My girlfriend sent me this link to a contest Google is running for student "Google Doodle" submissions. Voting is currently underway for the four finalists, one from each grade group (K-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12).

The 4th through 6th grade submissions have two space exploration doodles. One for a playground in space, and another for space exploration. (see region 4 and region 9). The 7th through 9th grade submissions have one with a space component above the G in Google. (see region 6).

It seems that the 4th though 6th grade crowd aren't deterred by the debate about the future of NASA, they may just want to be part of it. Maybe with the help of NASAWatch readers there will be a student space doodle on the Google home page. - Mark"

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