No Hot Meals at GSFC

Keith's note: The following is being circulated internally at GSFC: "The cafeterias in buildings 1 and 21, as well as the Cafe in building 34, are closed until further notice. These closings are based on the cafeteria contractors failure to pass their most recent food safety inspections. If you have any questions, please contact GSFC's Industrial Hygiene Office on 6-2498. Every effort will be made to address the necessary actions quickly in order that the cafeterias can be re-opened, but only after they pass the necessary safety inspections. Center management is taking this situation very seriously and will not consider reopening the cafeterias until they are confident that all of the issues have been addressed, actions have been completed and a re-inspection confirms that the facilities are ready to safely operate. In addition, both near and long-term enhancements to the operation of these facilities are being explored.Updates on the status of the facilities will be provided as soon they become available."

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