Bigelow Joins Commercial Spaceflight Federation

Bigelow Aerospace Joins the Commercial Spaceflight Federation

"Robert T. Bigelow, Founder and President of Bigelow Aerospace said, "The future is being created now. Commercial crew transportation has the potential to revolutionize the space industry for public and private sector entities alike. The unprecedented success of the Falcon 9's inaugural launch clearly demonstrates that it's possible to dramatically reduce the cost of human spaceflight operations. SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon capsule were developed at a price substantially below that of traditional cost-plus programs - this should be a wakeup call that it's time for a new way of doing business. We are becoming a member of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation at this time to join with like-minded organizations, who want to see America be able to compete again in the global space launch marketplace, and push back against the pernicious misconceptions that are being perpetuated to harm the Administration's commercial crew initiative."

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