Constellation Layoff Update

Huntsville's Constellation contractors getting the bad news beginning today, Huntsville Times

"Huntsville's Constellation contractors find out as early as today about what's left of the rocket program, and that means hundreds of layoff notices beginning next week. NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center began sending letters to contractors Thursday telling them how much money they have left to spend on Constellation for the rest of the fiscal year ending Sept. 30."

Laid-off Constellation workers "ideal candidates" for incoming BRAC jobs, Huntsville Times

"The chairman of the Tennessee Valley BRAC Committee said Friday that laid-off NASA Constellation workers will have a "really good" chance of finding jobs in the growing defense industry here. "There are plenty of positions open," Joe Ritch said. "Those people are ideal candidates."

Obama Asks Congress to Shift $100M from NASA for Job Initiatives, Space News

"NASA spokesman Michael Cabbage said in a June 18 statement the space agency "is pleased the president has targeted additional support from his fiscal year 2011 budget request to help the communities and workers around the U.S. most deeply involved in our space program meet the challenges of tomorrow. "Our workforce is incredibly talented and dedicated, and we are committed to equipping them with the tools they need to contribute to new developments in our nation's space program and related industries," Cabbage continued. "This $100 million investment in our people is essential to spurring regional economic growth and job creation."

Lockheed Martin moving some workers off Orion space project, Denver Business Journal

"Lockheed Martin Space Systems is moving 300 positions away from development of the Orion space capsule and dropping another 300 subcontractors from the project over the next month."

NASA contractors preparing for the worst, Galveston County Daily News

"The number of layoffs that face NASA contractors in the Houston area is unknown at this point, but major Constellation and shuttle program contractors are preparing for the worst."

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