Huntsville Layoff Update

Meeting held by Jacobs Engineering could mean big changes for company, WAFF

"Sources say people inside this meeting were given the option to take a voluntary layoff and receive one thousand dollars as well as pay until July 9th. They say workers were also told they can apply for part time work, or stay and see what happens. Jacobs was contacted to get more information. We're still waiting to hear what they have to say about Tuesday's meeting and what's next for their company's future in Huntsville."

No way to run the space program, opinion, Huntsville Times

"Some contractor employees working on the Constellation program have already been told to expect layoff notices and buyout offers, and others will probably join them this week and next. Up to 1,000 or so jobs are at stake at 21 local contractors employing 1,750 people on the Constellation program."

Governor Riley sounds off on space jobs in Alabama, WAFF

"This is going to be an administrative decision, but it has a huge impact on us here. We do have BRAC that's bringing in six or seven thousand jobs. We've got a couple of other announcements I hope to be making in the next several months," said Governor Riley."

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