Huntsville Layoff Update

Huntsville bracing for 'serious and significant' space program job loss, Huntsville Times

"This city is bracing for "serious and significant job loss" due to NASA's decision last week to hold back nearly $1 billion in funding for the Constellation rocket program, Mayor Tommy Battle says."

Mayor Battle Demands NASA'S Plans for Constellation Cuts, WAAY

"Mayor Battle held a news conference Tuesday afternoon outlining the city's mission to try and communicate with Robert Lightfoot the Director Marshall Space Flight Center. He has written two letters to Lightfoot. In the first letter the Mayor asked that the agency stop any and all public announcements regarding potential job terminations or contract changes until his office and the Alabama Congressional Delegation can be appropriately briefed on the steps to be taken."

Mayor Battle demands details of NASA's plans for Constellation, WAFF

"Mayor Battle feels the government has turned its back on the future of manned space flight, and it's a slap in the face to the highly skilled engineers and scientists who stand to lose their jobs."

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