Its Getting Harder To Stop Constellation

Sessions says meeting with NASA's Bolden "troubling", Huntsville times

"Senators whose states stand to lose private sector jobs related to space flight want a legal opinion on whether NASA's order to start winding down certain programs this year is al lowed, Sen. Jeff Sessions said Tuesday. "We want an independent legal opinion, which could make a difference in where we are," Ses sions said after a meeting with other senators about NASA. "We think this is clearly a violation of the congressional intent."

Congress touts Constellation, wants heavy-lift rocket now, Orlando Sentinel

"The letter, signed by a bipartisan group of 62 U.S. House members from 18 states, seeks changes in a new White House plan that sets a 2015 deadline for NASA to decide on a so-called "heavy lift" rocket that could launch new spacecraft on missions to asteroids, which Obama wants to do by 2025."

Letter From Members of Congress to the President Regarding NASA Heavy Launch Vehicle Funding in FY 2011

"We are writing to express concern for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2011 President's Budget for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Human space exploration is ingrained in the American psyche. It is part of who we are as explorers, entrepreneurs, scientists and Americans. The proposed Exploration Systems Mission Directorate reduction jeopardizes our country's leadership in space and could put our national security at risk. Additionally, we do not see the benefit of a 5-year delay to a decision on exploration system architecture."

Despite Orders, NASA Keeps Funding Projects, WS Journal

"Andrew Hunter, a NASA budget official, said Wednesday the action was intended to prevent Alliant from being forced to abruptly stop all Ares work and lay off employees. Lockheed Martin Corp. also got the green light to receive $80 million for other work related to a crew capsule.Overall, Mr. Hunter said NASA was considering releasing another $630 million in funding for other work related to existing manned-exploration programs. "We are trying to work a fine balance between" competing priorities, Mr. Hunter said in an interview Wednesday. The latest funding decision and Mr. Bolden's earlier orders "aren't inconsistent," Mr. Hunter said. But some congressional staffers and industry officials familiar with the details disagree. They contend the release of funds skirts, and may directly contradict, Mr. Bolden's recent written directives."

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