Reaction to $15 Million Grant to KSC Area

AIAA Applauds Federal Measures Assisting Transition of Space Shuttle Professionals

"[AIAA President Dr. Mark J.] Lewis continued: "The Labor Department's decision, in tandem with Rep. Suzanne Kosmas' (FL-24) recently introduced 'Space to Schools Act' - which encourages former space shuttle program workers with relevant aerospace experience to qualify as elementary, secondary, or vocational school teachers, by providing up to $10,000 per worker for required teacher training - represent concrete, first steps by the government to assist the transition of space shuttle professionals."

Feds Hope Grant Will Launch NASA Employees Future, CBS4

"The federal government is hoping a new multi-million dollar grant will help soon-to-be unemployed NASA workers launch their new careers. The money is needed for thousands of full-time contractors who work on the space shuttle program."

JSC community left out of $15 million aid package, Houston Chronicle

"The Obama administration dealt another symbolic blow to Houston's space community Wednesday by delivering $15 million in assistance to help Florida aerospace workers get new jobs after the shuttle fleet retires this year. No such money so far has been promised to the Johnson Space Center. "No one should be surprised by this," said Bob Mitchell, head of the Bay Area Economic Partnership. "This is a political statement by the White House and an attempt by this administration to divide the states."

Displaced NASA workers get $15 million from Labor, The Hill

"Today, these hard-working Americans need and deserve our support, and I am pleased that this grant will allow them to upgrade their skills further and gain access to work opportunities in high demand industries," Solis said."

US Department of Labor announces $15 million grant to assist workers in Florida affected by end of Space Shuttle Program

"We must take every step possible to maintain the Space Coast's highly skilled workforce, and this grant will provide critical support to workers and help them find new job opportunities in our community," said Rep. Suzanne Kosmas, who represents Florida's District 24 and joined Secretary Solis in making the grant announcement. "At the same time, I will continue working to minimize the human space flight gap and attract new businesses to the Space Coast in order to strengthen and diversify our economy."

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