Watching Falcons

What will you say if SpaceX's test rocket fails?, Alan Stern, The Space Review

"Why is the Falcon 9 crucial? In part this is because NASA is relying on it to help ship equipment and supplies to keep our $100-billion space station operable and functioning after the Space Shuttle is retired. It is also crucial because its lower price is critical to NASA's science program. And, in part, it is crucial because the Falcon 9 has become a proxy for the success of the commercial space flight industry."

Preparations for First Falcon 9 Test Launch, SpaceX

"Friday 4 June 2010: Launch Window Opens: 11:00 AM Eastern / 8:00 AM Pacific / 1500 UTC, Launch window lasts 4 hours. SpaceX has also reserved a second launch day on Saturday 5 June, with the same hours As always, weather will play a significant role in our overall launch schedule. The weather experts at the Cape are giving us a 40% chance of "no go" conditions for both days of our window, citing the potential for cumulus clouds and anvil clouds from thunderstorms."

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