The View From Hunstville

Congress may not decide Constellation's fate until next year, Huntsville Times

"The Nelson authorization bill would also take a "walk before you run" approach to commercial space development. NASA would be required to complete "studies, assessments, and milestones" before commercial service to the space station starts. The Senate appropriations subcommittee that controls NASA spending hasn't met yet, and its ranking member is Shelby. "As the ranking member," he said Friday, "I will continue fighting to refocus NASA on its core mission of advancing the U.S. human space flight program and preserving our nation's capabilities, which this administration is actively trying to dismantle."

Human space flight worth saving: robots no sub for manned trips, opinion, Rep Aderholt, Huntsville Times

"I believe NASA's recent contract "descoping" actions - which forced prime contractors to cancel or reduce subcontracts - are a direct violation of a provision in the 2009 Omnibus Appropriations Act. That bill did not give NASA permission to gut some projects and programs to fund others with Constellation and if it is found that NASA violated this provision, then NASA will be held responsible."

Laid-off NASA contractors plan strategy for re-employment, WAFF

"About one hundred people turned out for the kickoff meeting of the Huntsville Space Professionals at UA-Huntsville's Chan Auditorium Friday afternoon."

Huntsville Space Professionals helps laid-off NASA workers, Huntsvile Times

"HSP plans to hold a job fair next month and provides updated news from Washington about NASA-related decisions made by Congress. The group's website lists employment opportunities, which are not exclusive to those laid off. There was a political undertone to the meeting. Many who attended expressed frustration over cuts to the Constellation program. President Obama has proposed to kill the program. "Congress could revive Constellation next week if they had the mindset to do so," said Madison County Commissioner Mo Brooks, the GOP nominee for Alabama's Fifth Congressional District."

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