Congressional Staffer Ken Monroe Thinks That NASA Is "Run By Idiots"

Keith's original note: This is how a Congressional staffer (Ken Monroe - @KenMonroe on Twitter) conducts himself in public (Twitter). Its a free country, as they say - but I wonder if his bosses agree with his choice of words.

21 August 2010: "If NASA wasn't being run by idiots a petition to keep an orbiter at KSC wouldn't be neccessary. Pls sign:"

Keith's update: Looks like Ken Monroe is trying to erase what he said. He has deleted the Tweet I refered to - but I made a screen grab of it before he deleted it. Curiously, it was Ken Monroe who got all flustered about a Twitter posting a few months ago that quoted Al Ladwig at a meeting - a posting that Monroe got Rep. Olson to throw back at Charlie Bolden, ambush style, in a hearing - asking Bolden if he knew/approved of such comments. Pot-Kettle-Black, Ken.

Earlier tweets by Ken Monroe:

- 30 June 30, 2010: "Obama's space policy is focused on appeasement, not leadership. In fact, "leadership" cannot be found in the goal section of the 2010 policy"
- 7 July 2010: "The Obama administration has even dragged down NASA to become a laughingstock and national embarrassment."
- 20 July 2010: "The Senate numbers don't add up. They are starting to find their mistakes and what must change."
- 22 July 2010: "Prediction: House passes the NASA authorization but Senate does not. Bills become templates for continuing resolutions."
- 22 July 2010: "Senate NASA authorization lacks coherent policy direction and practically ensures failure; it is too schizoid to succeed."
- 22 July 2010: "Loan pgm was a tough sell to some members but I like it. Companies prefer cash b/c there's less recourse if they fail."
- 8 August 2010: "The fact is, the White House has no intention or associated plan to get to Mars in our lifetimes. Pick any date you want."
- 9 August 2010: "What does New Space mean to you? Socialization of risk? Financing scheme? Political ideology? Give me your thoughts?"
- 19 August 2010: "it is absolutely ridiculous for NASA to plan a Commercial Crew Office based on the President's $5.8 billion request."

According to his linkedIn page: "Mr. Monroe is a professional staff member of the House Science and Technology Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics, and is a principal advisor to the ranking member of the Science and Technology Committee, specializing in legislation and oversight of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), as well as the space-related activities of the Departments of Transportation and Commerce. Mr. Monroe also advises the ranking member of the Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee on technical, funding and policy issues."

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