NAC Is Dissatisfied With NASA on Commercial Plans (or lack thereof)

More Detail Sought On Commercial Crew Plan, Aviation Week

"Members of the panel's commercial space subcommittee expressed dissatisfaction with some of the information they have received from NASA managers on the agency's approach to what is known as commercial crew. Panel members complained that the agency has not been clear on just how it would use commercial vehicles to deliver astronauts to the ISS, which the panel found would make it difficult for industry to set up the kind of public-private partnerships NASA seeks. The NAC subcommittee wants a better strategy for spending the $6 billion requested for commercial crew transportation over the next five years. "We strongly feel that you need to go do this, because what we're hearing from you is all over the map," said Bret Alexander, who as chairman of the commercial space panel will ask the full NAC to endorse his subcommittee's position at the JPL meeting."

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