Video of Today's Solid Rocket Motor Test

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NASA and ATK Successfully Test Five-Segment Solid Rocket Motor (with Video)

"With a loud roar and mighty column of flame, NASA and ATK Aerospace Systems successfully completed a two-minute, full-scale test of the largest and most powerful solid rocket motor designed for flight. The motor is potentially transferable to future heavy-lift launch vehicle designs. The stationary firing of the first-stage development solid rocket motor, dubbed DM-2, was the most heavily instrumented solid rocket motor test in NASA history. More than 760 instruments measured 53 test objectives."

NASA Tests Engine With an Uncertain Future, NY Times

"The shuttle solids, Dr. [Doug] Stanley said, "have a very high demonstrated reliability." The five-segment motors would also take advantage of the existing factory that builds the shuttle boosters. For James Muncy, a space policy consultant who has been an ardent critic of Constellation, that is exactly the reason he would like the solids to go away. "They work," he said. But he added: "They're expensive. Nobody else needs them."

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