What Would The Class of 2014 Think?

Keith's note: Nick Skytland (now with the Open Gov office at NASA HQ) gave a variant on his standard Gen Y presentation yesterday at the NASA CIO IT conference. Of course, his premise is always the same i.e. that his generation of "digital natives" is special and requires special handling and care. While his predilection for singling his generation out for special attention is a little naiive (all younger generations are special and different (i.e misunderstood), by definition), there are some points to be made as to what it is that younger people have as a world view. If the agency is going to serve this subset of the taxpaying population, it needs to be certain that it has an accurate frame of reference with which to calibrate its interactions. At the same time, an ever-growing population of aging baby boomers entering "retirement" is going to become a large constituency that the agency will need to serve - and they are voratious consumers of information, often as adept at being "digital natives" as are Gen Y folks.

Here is one snapshot of the class of 2014 as provided (annualy) by Beloit College. Again, recall that this is what the world looks like, from the perception of a total life experience (thus far) of someone entering college this Fall:

"43. Russians and Americans have always been living together in space."

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