Bart Gordon's Compromise Language for NASA Authorization Act

Amendment in the Nature of a Subsititute To [....] offered by Mr. Gordon of Tennessee

House Sets Compromise NASA Language, Aviation Week

"The House Science Committee has moved toward the Senate on reauthorizing NASA spending for the next three years with compromise language that calls for an immediate start on a heavy lift launch vehicle able to orbit a capsule based on the Orion crew exploration vehicle by the end of 2016."

New House NASA Bill Provides $1.2B for Commercial Crew Taxis, Space News

"Gordon's revised legislation, which aides said could go to the House floor this week as a substitute to H.R. 5781, increases proposed funding levels for NASA commercial crew taxis to $1.2 billion over three years. That figure is still $400 million shy of the Senate's $1.6 billion recommendation for commercial crew and cargo initiatives, but represents a sizeable increase over the original $464 million through 2013 recommended in H.R. 5781."

House moves closer to Senate on NASA budget; Constellation hopes fade, Huntsville Times

"The substitute authorizes "a scalable capability of lifting payloads of at least 130 metric tons into low-Earth orbit on a single launch vehicle with an upper stage in preparation for transit for missions beyond low-Earth orbit." That's close to what the Senate has already passed. Gordon's substitute appears to dramatically lessen any chance of a revival of the Constellation program."

Action Alert - Help Kill HR 5781 NOW, Space Frontier Foundation

URGENT Action Alert Thursday 9/23/10, Space Access Society

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