Moon Exploration Is Not Dead

Moon Exploration Is Not Dead, NASA Official Says,

"But Garver said the moon is a symbol of inspiration for many people on Earth, in part because of NASA's manned lunar landings of the late 1960s and early 1970s. The moon is also the most visible of off-world destinations to the public, she added. "I just won't agree that this ends the moon as a destination," Garver said. "We look up in the night sky and see the moon and it is an inspiration to us all. My first son's first word was 'moon.'" In the nearly 49 years of human spaceflight, only a handful of missions - the six successful Apollo moon landings - have sent humans to walk on the moon's surface. "Of course, we have been there with 12 humans. We will be going back with humans. We will be going back with robots," Garver said. "And the fact that we are charting the next destination as an asteroid is nothing against the moon."

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