NASA Ranked #5 in Federal Government Workplaces

NASA Ranked Fifth In Best Places To Work In The Federal Government

"NASA has been ranked fifth in the Partnership for Public Service 2010 ratings for the "Best Places to Work in the Federal Government." The 2010 survey is the fifth conducted by the partnership since 2003. NASA has been rated in the top five in the federal government in four of the surveys and sixth in the other. An award was accepted by Associate Deputy Administrator Charles Scales on behalf of the agency at a special briefing held by the partnership on Wednesday, Sept. 1."

Keith's note: NASA was ranked #1 in 2004.

Frank's note: What a nice study. Real good for the ego, right? Trouble is, most of the people that work at NASA HQ that I know are deeply divided and unhappy at the agency's current mixed status-maybe Constellation and maybe not. And it's worse at field centers like JSC, KSC and MSFC. The Obama administration, who had a fairly good program of empowering commercial firms to access the ISS and reinvigorate its technology development program, proceeded to mangle the rollout of its new initiatives. They then compounded the felony by allowing an inept NASA messaging machine to lose control of its own message.

Much like the Republican's false characterization of Obama's health care bill as containing "death panels", the administration sat by and allowed critics to declare Obama was ending manned spaceflight. I bet a majority of the public still believes this. Now, after seven months after the budget announcement and five months after Obama spoke in Florida, NASA still seems unable to explain what it wants to do, and why it matters to American families.

Do you trust these guys to go to Mars? But, oh yeah, it's a great place to work if you don't care where you are going. The good folks need reinforcements and the deadwood need to take a buy out. Else nothing will ever change.

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