Supporting Senate Vs House NASA Legislation

Commercial Space in Jeopardy - T Minus 18 Hours, Space Frontier Foundation

"The Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) called attention today to the latest battle taking place in the US House of Representatives that holds enormous implications for the future of spaceflight. In the next 18 hours, the House leadership will decide whether to allow a vote on the pork-laden House version of the NASA bill or instead pass the better Senate compromise. The SFF asks all commercial space supporters to contact their Congressman. Encourage them to vote 'No' on HR 5781 and allow a vote on the Senate version."

Short-Fuse Opportunity To Support NASA Reform, Space Access Society Bulletin

"We have a chance to head off HR.5781 at the pass over the next 24 hours. The House will be back in session starting next Tuesday 9/14, and is scheduled to remain in session through the first week of October. Only legislation formally placed on the House Calendar will be considered, and the contents of the Calendar will be decided before the end of this week, by Steny Hoyer, the House Majority Leader."

Space exploration remains vital issue given country's economic current woes, Marion Blakey, The Hill

"The House version of the bill is still pending, floating tetherless in space and awaiting a final pull that can land the matter in a final House-Senate compromise and into law. As time grows short in the legislative calendar, a final resolution seems less and less likely."

Augustine Panelist Rallying Support for Senate's NASA Bill, Space News

"A former member of a White House-appointed committee that reviewed NASA's human spaceflight program last year urged fellow panelists to back a Senate bill that supports commercial space and technology development efforts detailed in the group's final report."

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