The Rhetoric Heats Up - Establishment vs NewSpace

NASA's Constellation Hallucination and the Congressional Money Drug, Rick Tumlinson on The Huffington Post

"In the coming weeks some in Congress will try to kill America's future in space as they desperately work to prop up the tax sucking, pork eating dream murdering monster known as the Constellation rocket program. Right now a bought and paid for cabal of hypocritical puppets in the House and Senate are trying to prop up this corpse of a dead end plan to go to the Moon and Mars that not only failed to deliver on President Bush's promise of a permanent U.S. presence in space, but continues to eat the budgets of the very exploration it was meant to support."

Ex-NASA administrator: Congress will shape U.S. space strategy, not Obama, Paul Gattis, The Huntsville Times

"We are no longer facing a future in which the administration's proposal is one of the possible outcomes," Griffin said in his speech. UAH provided a copy to The Times."

Marc's note: How could I pass up Rick's rant? What prose. As for Griffin, well we know where he stands. The truth is, the coming weeks will see a rigorous debate continued in Washington with both sides fighting it out. Will it be a continuing resolution? Or will compromise legislation win this round of the ongoing battle? And Rick is right on two points, it's partly about jobs and votes, and yes, you the public (taxpayer) do have a say.

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