Which Orion Are We Talking About?

Orion Spacecraft on the Path to Future Flight, Lockheed Martin

"Preparations for Orion's first mission in 2013 are well under way as a Lockheed Martin-led crew begins lean assembly pathfinding operations for the spacecraft. The crew is conducting simulated manufacturing and assembly operations with a full-scale Orion mockup to verify the tools, processes and spacecraft integration procedures work as expected."

Keith's note: I am certain that the good folks at Lockheed Martin will be certain that the spacecraft will be ready on time - but a "first mission" in 2013? On what rocket? Ares 1?

"As the nation's next generation spacecraft for human spaceflight, the Orion crew exploration vehicle is designed to support missions to the International Space Station and far beyond into deep space."

Keith's note: "Deep space"? I thought Orion was now going to only be a crew return vehicle "from" (not a transport "to") the ISS.

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