All Hands with JSC Director Mike Coats This Morning

"JSC Director Mike Coats will speak to employees from 9 to 10 a.m. today, Oct. 12, in the Building 2 South Teague Auditorium. All JSC team members are invited to attend. Those unable to attend in person can view the program live on RF Channel 2, Omni Channel 3 or on the Web (IPTV Channels 102, 202) at: The event will be recorded for playback on Thursday and next Tuesday at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m."

Written Statement Delivered to Employee All-Hands Event by NASA JSC Center Director Michael Coats

"While we won't be doing quite what we have been doing, there is opportunity in the Authorization Bill, signed yesterday by the President, to do some really exciting things, so we intend to do everything we can to drive our own future. The 'core' of who we are and what we do will not change, and we remain pre-eminent in the world at what we do. Some realities shape our future, such as contracting budgets and modified scope... but our core competency here at JSC is human space flight. The nation expects us to maintain that core competency, and we will."

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