Bolden: Fading From View?

Critics question Charlie Bolden's focus on NASA's new 'vision', Orlando Sentinel

"During a media conference call on the day of the signing, Bolden read a statement, thanked reporters and turned the call over to Garver -- a practice that has become routine. Two sources said Bolden continued to listen to the questions addressed to Garver but was barred from speaking. In fact, an Administration source said the White House originally planned to hold a public signing ceremony but canceled it when Bolden expressed interest in changing his travel plans and attending. Although the White House denies it, Administration sources said Bolden has been told to keep a low profile. He has all but disappeared from public view since the White House publicly reprimanded him last month. That reprimand came after NASA's inspector general found he acted "inappropriately" when he consulted with Marathon Oil Corp. about a proposed NASA biofuels program."

Stormy skies for NASA's chief, Houston Chronicle

"Obama's decision to sign NASA's hard-fought legislation into law alone and without Bolden by his side robbed the NASA chief of the high-profile White House signing ceremony and cherished White House photo that amount to symbolic presidential backing in the status-conscious capital. "I don't think Charlie has been treated very well by the White House," says space historian John Logsdon, former director of the Space Policy Institute at George Washington University. "He has been faithful in his defense of the Obama strategy for space, but some seem to believe he has not been totally convincing." Bolden, in the job since July 2009, did not comment for this story. Instead of standing out front, Bolden has been relegated to reading prepared statements and taking no questions during telephone news conferences."

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