Bolden's World Tour Part II

NASA's Bolden walks tight rope on China trip, Christian Science Monitor

"The trip, at the invitation of Chinese space officials, comes at a time of upheaval in the US human spaceflight program, and amid growing ripples of doubt among observers in Washington about Bolden's future at the space agency's helm. "He's sort of viewing the trip as a victory lap," says Keith Cowing, editor of the website NASAWatch, as momentum appears to be building to replace him."

Nasa chief on visit to China, Al Jazeera

"Space programmes require a lot of technology, industry, and money but remain an international status symbol, Morris Jones, a space analyst, told Al Jazeera. But Morris said he did not think Bolden would be given much in the way of useful technical data during his visit. "Bolden is there basically just to shake a few hands. It's the first step in a very long process to get co-operation between the US and China in space flight," Morris said. "Relations between the US and China are very bad at the moment for all sorts of political and economic reasons."

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