Outdated Technology and a NASA Presentation on Being "Outdated"

NASA Speaker Questions Relevancy of NASA In Today's World

"VHS tapes, record players and other gadgetry have been declared "outdated" due to the advent of more robust and efficient technology. Now that NASA has reached middle age, is it also considered "outdated?" On Tuesday, Oct. 5, at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, U.S. space program advisor A. Thomas Young will present "Does NASA Matter?" at 2 p.m. in the Reid Conference Center. Young hopes to give insight on NASA's role and importance in the mature space world of today."

Keith's note: Sounds like an interesting evening: a topic with relevance to all of NASA - the public - nationwide by a speaker with an impressive resume. Alas, only a hundred or so people will ever hear it. But, if someone at LaRC were to bring a laptop with a webcam, microphone, and a WiFi connection they could stream it via USTREAM.TV or some other service such that the audience could be amplified. You don't need a production team. If I could do this from a cold windy tent at 17,500 feet at Everest Base Camp then someone at NASA ought to be able do it from downtown Hampton. If LaRC PAO can't figure this out, then perhaps there is some local high school student who can do it.

Keith's update: Well, as expected, NASA LaRC PAO was unable to figure out how to webcast this event to the rather large number of taxpayers who do not live in Hampton, VA. Apparently there were no teenagers with laptops and webcams in the immediate vicinity. So far as I can tell they did not even try to make this available to a wider audience. Proof positive that this NASA PAO office is simply and demonstrably incompetent in this regard. Alas, there is no accountability in evidence with regard to substandard performance, so I am certain that no one's job is at risk.

Lets see if they have the technological know how to stream TEDxNASA live next month. They are still unable to provide a simple agenda for that event. T-30 days and you have no idea who is talking? FAIL.

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