Today's Dumb Press Release Title is from UC Berkeley

Keith's 7 Oct note: Today's dumb press release title comes from UC Berkeley: "NASA mission asks why Mars has no atmosphere". DUH, last time I checked Mars most certainly has an atmosphere. If it did not have one, then the parachutes that have been used to slow down spacecraft would not work, there would be no dust devils, clouds, sand storms, etc. Indeed, if Mars "has no atmosphere", how can MAVEN study it? Indeed, why send an atmosphere-studying spacecraft to a planet that "has no atmosphere"? Oddly, the press release itself says "MAVEN will carry three instrument suites, totaling eight instruments, to probe the Martian atmosphere and its interactions with the sun."

Time to get a new editor guys.

Keith's 8 Oct update: UC Berkeley added the word "almost" to the ress release title on this page. Here's what it originally looked like before the fix.

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