A "Public" Space Conference the "Public" Will Never See

Space Studies Board 2010 Workshop: Sharing the Adventure with the Public

"The Space Studies Board's 2010 Workshop will explore both how these grand questions focus on the nation's space research program and how best to convey its value and excitement to the public. The workshop will bring together leading scientists and experts from the communications and social marketing sectors to share lessons learned and best practices. A summary of the workshop discussions will be released by the NRC."

Keith's note: I just love it when these meetings are set up to address the "public" and their perceptions of space exploration yet 99.999% of the "public" cannot attend. Its also unclear how the public can participate in the "audience". No one stops to think to webcast events like live such that the "public" can see what the experts think they are interested in. Why not let the "public" who cannot attend the event participate via the Internet? All it takes is a laptop with a webcam, an Internet connection, and a USTREAM or LIVESTREAM account. Oh well, the proceedings will quietly slip out in 6 months. As for the speakers - they are all certainly knowledgeable, but with one possible exception, not a single one of them is under 50 years old. What about the next generation?

Keith's update: Deputy Associate Administrator for Public Outreach Alan Ladwig has been doing a nice job of Twittering from the event - so there is some insight into what is going on - so make certain to follow Alan on Twitter.

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