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NASA Launches Open Gov Status Dashboard

"Some ideas, on the other hand, have taken a little longer than we anticipated and need some extra time in order to be done correctly. To articulate the status of all of these milestones, we're launching the new Open Government Status Dashboard, which details the status of all 39 three-month goals in an easy-to-read format. We'll work to keep this status page updates as milestones are achieved."

Keith's note: Of course, as eager as this group is, they never seem to get press releases out to tell people what they are doing. This item was posted a month ago at

NASA, the White House and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Lead Government, Non Profit and Industry Trade Groups in Social Media, Online Strategy

"NASA, the White House and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) outpace other public sector organizations when it comes to social media savvy and online strategy, according to the first annual Digital IQ Index(R) for the Public Sector."

Keith's update: Here we go again. One tweet and a retweet from several NASA civil servants. That's it. Yet again, no press release, or coordinated use of social media to promote a study that recognizes NASA's social media prowess. How ironic.

Keith's 3:30 pm Update update: NASA finally got around to issuing a press release at 3:00 pm EST 15 hours after it was released by others - and thus missed a whole news cycle. So much for making the best use of "social media and online strategy".

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