SCRUB - Discovery GO for Launch - Weather Looking Good

Discovery GO for Launch Weather Looking GoodNASA Gives GO for Launch of Discovery Today, SpaceRef

"After a stormy day Thursday, Friday is looking like a great day to launch. There is a 70% chance of launch with the only concern potential wind gusts at launch time. At this time NASA is currently filling the external tank with its flight load of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen propellants."

Marc's Update 8:22 am EDT: NASA Managers have made the decision to SCRUB the launch today due to a hydrogen leak at the ground umbilical carrier. This issue has happened before as recently as STS-127.

Marc's Update 8:47 am EDT: We're looking at a minimum 72 hour turnaround now. This means if they can fix the issue and if the Orbiter team can extend the launch window then Monday might see a launch.

Marc's Update 12:50 pm EDT: NASA managers have decided to postpone the next launch attempt for space shuttle Discovery to no earlier than Nov. 30 at 4:05 a.m. EST.

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