Nelson Slams Obama - and NASA Is In The Mix

Senate Dems vent Obama anger, Politico

"Senate Democrats -- including typically mild-mannered Bill Nelson of Florida -- lit into President Barack Obama during an unusually tense air-clearing caucus session on Thursday, senators and staffers told POLITICO. Nelson told colleagues Obama's unpopularity has become a serious liability for Democrats in his state and blamed the president for creating a toxic political environment for Democrats nationwide, according to two Democrats familiar with his remarks."

Florida Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson trashes Obama in private meeting, Daily Caller

"He [Nelson] has allowed NASA to be destroyed," [Florida Senate President Mike] Haridopolos said. "That's 20,000 jobs, let alone the more important component which is national security. That's why, I think, people who have been long-time Bill Nelson supporters are calling people like me and saying we want you to challenge Bill Nelson because he's not standing up for Florida."

Sen. Bill Nelson lashes out at White House staff, Gainesville Sun

"[Nelson] put part of the blame on communication failures, such as a misconception that Obama wants to eliminate the manned space program. The White House also needs to do a better job explaining things like the fact that tax cuts made up 40 percent of the stimulus bill, Nelson said. "$200 billion dollars of tax cuts and nobody knows it because it hasn't been told," he said."

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