Old thinking: Yet Another Pointless NAS Report about Space

Earth and space science missions have fewer risks if conducted by a single government agency

"Earth and space science missions developed and implemented by federal agencies in collaboration typically result in additional complexity and cost and increased risks from divided responsibilities and accountability, says a new report from the National Research Council. Federal agencies should not partner in conducting space and earth science missions unless there is a compelling reason to do so and clear criteria are met in advance.

"A common misperception among policymakers and individual agencies is that collaboration on these missions will save money or somehow boost capabilities," said D. James Baker, director of the global carbon measurement program at the William J. Clinton Foundation and co-chair of the committee that wrote the report. "However, multiagency partnerships generally have just the opposite effect and drive up overall mission costs because of schedule delays, added levels of management, and redundant administrative processes."

Keith's note: Just look at the membership rooster - its NASA/industry/advisory revolving door and inbred self-interest at work once again. Where's the incentive to change anything when you contune to ask the same people the same questions - only to get the same answers again and again? Oh yes: the report was paid for by NASA - so the answer was more or less pre-ordained. Various agencies do not get along becuase they do not want to get along - it is not in their self interest to be more efficient because that would undermine their individual budget request rationales every year. Oh well. I can't wait to hear Charlie Bolden's inane ghost written commentary on this.

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