NASA Will Review Monkey Irradiation Experiment

Brookhaven National Laboratory Notice:

"The following statement was issued by NASA on 12/8 regarding a review of NASA's human spaceflight research. In light of this review, NASA has informed Brookhaven that a proposal involving primate research at the NASA Space Radiation Laboratory on the Brookhaven Lab site should be removed from consideration for experimental time at the facility."

NASA Response to PETA News Release

"NASA is going to undertake a comprehensive review of the agency's current research and technology development plans to see how they align with the President's plan for human spaceflight, as outlined in the U.S. National Space Policy and the 2010 NASA Authorization Act. We look forward to the findings of that review, which will inform our decision making moving forward."

NASA Grounds Monkey Radiation Experiments, PeTA

"... the space agency has quietly called off plans to conduct cruel radiation experiments on monkeys.

Keith's 9 Dec note: Contrary to PeTA's claims, NASA has not "called off these exeriments". They may well do so in the future after they conduct this review, but as of today they have not done so yet. Nothing has been cancelled - yet.

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