No Mention by SOMD of Comms Glitch Today

Space glitch causes a scare, MSNBC

"Problems reportedly bedeviled a communication link leading to Russia's Mission Control for a few hours today -- leading to false alarms suggesting that there was trouble on the International Space Station, or on a Soyuz spacecraft that's on its way to the station. The glitch has been resolved and the crews are in no danger, but the snag caused a stir in press circles. NBC News analyst James Oberg pieced together the story from Russian media reports as well as NASA sources who were keeping tabs on the station and the Soyuz. The alarm was sparked by a Novosti report claiming that Russian controllers were "without communication about the status of the International Space Station" and "haven't received any information about the status of the Soyuz."

Keith's note: Hmm ... no mention by SOMD of the comms glitch here in the NASA ISS On-Orbit Status 16 December 2010 - we we do know from this report that "NASA astronauts keep a personalized log of their nutritional intake over time on special MEC software. Recorded are the amounts consumed during the past week of such food items as beverages, cereals, grains, eggs, breads, snacks, sweets, fruit, beans, soup, vegetables, dairy, fish, meat, chicken, sauces & spreads, and vitamins ..."

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