Senate CR Proposal Is Not Good News For NASA (Update)

Senate Appropriations Committee: Summary of Continuing Resolution through March 4, 2011

"Under the CR, funding would continue at FY 2010 enacted levels for most programs."

Senate Nears Deal on Funding Bill, WS Journal

"Under the Senate deal set on Sunday, funding for most federal agencies and departments would continue at levels authorized for fiscal year 2010, though some programs would see slight increases. Overall, funding would be about $1.2 billion above the levels authorized in last year's budget. The House would also have to approve the spending measure."

Senators Vow To Enforce NASA Authorization Act, Space News

"Nelson also asked whether NASA plans to carry out an additional flight of the space shuttle next year as authorized in the new law. Robinson said the agency plans to conduct the additional flight to the International Space Station. "The only caveat I would put forth is we still don't have a final appropriations [act], so we don't know if we have the money to carry it out," she said. "We're trying to quantify what it means to hedge our bets in case there's a drastic change in funding level, but we have every intention of moving forward on that."

Keith's note: NASA has to make a decision in January/February 2011 as to whether it can accomplish STS-135. Given the way that Congress is not cooperating with itself, having to live under this CR until March 2011 would make STS-135 somewhat problematical. Other problems such as Webb's mounting cost overrun are not going to make things any better.

Senate Stopgap Funding Proposal Does Not Address NASA, Space News

"Unlike the House bill, H.R. 3082, the Senate amendment does not weigh-in on NASA, which could mean the agency will be forced to operate in the coming months at spending rates proportional to the $18.72 appropriated for all of 2010. In addition, NASA would be prohibited from initiating new programs, and could be required to continue spending about $200 million per month on the Moon-bound Constellation program U.S. President Barack Obama sought to abandon in the $19 billion budget blueprint for 2011 that the White House sent lawmakers in February."

Keith's update: This does not look good for STS-135. Nor does it bode well for trying to kick off any SOMD/ESMD merger and reprioritization/reorganization of programs since nothing can be killed and nothing can be started.

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