Space Exploration: 10% of the 21st Century Has Been Used Up

Keith's note: We have used up 10% of the 21st Century.

When I was growing up in the 1960s and 70s, this was supposed to be a magical time - one where all manner of incredible things would be possible - even routine - in "outer space". In some ways NASA has been wildly successful: witness the extrasolar planet discoveries of late. Yet in other areas, NASA still flies a space shuttle that was designed more than a generation ago - and is now struggling to replace it - or to find alternate, non-NASA ways to put Americans into space.

With regard to space exploration and utilization, have we wasted this decade? What has been done right? What has been done wrong? While NASA is not (and should not be) the only game in town when it comes to space, what should the President and Congress direct NASA to do in the decade ahead? Moreover, what should they direct NASA *NOT* to do? (Note: this post first appeared on NASA Watch last year).

Video: "Man Conquers Space" Sizzle Reel - Werner von Braun's Alternate Space Program

Keith's note: What would have happened if Werhner von Braun's spacecraft designs - as popularized in Disney films, Colliers magazine, and other publications - were actually built ...

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