Apollo 18

"Apollo 18 Viral: New Classified Document Breaks Down Missions, MovieViral

"When we last left off on the viral for Dimension Films' Apollo 18, the Cosmonauts page of the film's official website had a single image of classified (and heavily redacted) document. Now we have a new document on the site that you can see ..."

Apollo 18 official site

Keith's note: I am certain NASA PAO dreads the release of "Apollo 18" and the inquiries they'll get when seemingly authentic (but obviously fake) "historial" documents like this start to go viral. Oops, I guess I just helped that happen. Then again, NASA has openly supported the upcoming film "Transformers 3" (see Trailer) wherein Neil and Buzz find a monster spaceship on the Moon with giant robots inside. Oops. I did it again ...

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