Bolden's Semi-Monthly Interview

Q&A with Charles F. Bolden NASA Administrator, The Post and Courier

"Q: The recent elections showed voters' concern about the level of government spending and debt. How will that affect NASA's work?

A: "That's hard to say. I'll be able to answer that question for you better in the middle of February, when we get our budget. It would be premature for me to try to guess. It may be that the Congress decides that they really think exploration is really important ... and we'll find the level of funding is OK."

Keith's note: That's it folks. That's the only actual interview with an actual reporter you'll see in January. Charlie Bolden will now go back into hiding for another month - until the next commencement ceremony or Rotary club breakfast where he'll toss a few lines at a local reporter. And when the budget is released he will not be available to the media nor will he do any of the heavy lifting in public (as did previous Administrators) in explaining what the budget means.

Keith's update: I have been informed that Space News has an interview with Bolden in its 17 Jan issue (I don't get Space News, my bad). I'd like to link to it but it is on the for-fee part of their website. [But its now out in the wild and available for free.] Apparently Bolden "likes his day job". That's nice to hear - I was getting concerned. That said, I can say with utmost certainty that major news organizations i.e. large wire services and networks - have long standing requests for interviews with Bolden that have not been granted. Its not PAO's fault, folks. It's Bolden's - and the way the White House has him on a short leash so as to prevent further gaffs.

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