JPL's Bad Movie Pick For 2010: "2012"

NASA Names "2012" The Most Absurd Sci-Fi Film, Worst Previews

"NASA held a private meet at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California to discuss the movies Hollywood has been releasing and to plead for filmmakers to stick to more rational plots."

Apocalyptic blockbuster absurd, say NASA scientists, The Australian

"Experts at NASA have named 2012, an apocalyptic blockbuster starring John Cusack, as the most absurd science-fiction film. The US space agency singled out the movie as the most scientifically flawed of its genre at a conference in which it pleaded with Hollywood bigwigs for more rational plots. At the day-long private meeting at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, some of the film industry's most popular sci-fi movies were mocked -- and in some cases praised."

2012 named most absurd science fiction film by Nasa,

"Roland Emmerich's disaster movie proved to be a smash hit, taking more than #490 million at the box office - but it was less popular at the US space agency. A panel of Nasa experts concluded 2012 was the most scientifically flawed blockbuster ever made."

NASA Nasa names most absurd sci-fi film, The Sun

"NASA praised Ridley Scott's Blade Runner and Gattaca starring Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman as the most realistic."

Keith's note: I am certain that this "news" will cause a surge in DVD rentals and downloads for this movie (the "banned in Boston" effect). Meanwhile, despite this private film review at JPL, NASA continues to support other less-than-accurate movies ("Transformers 3", "Armageddon", etc.). Indeed, JPL starred in - and allowed shooting onsite - for the goofy 1996 alien invasion flick "The Arrival". Sigh, so much for consistency amongst the high brow movie critics at JPL.

Why don't you NASA folks just back and enjoy the flick? Maybe you can distill just what it is that non-NASA geeky people see in these movies and apply it to how you communicate what the agency does and does not do to the public at large. Oh yes, James Cameron made enough money from Avatar to send a mission to Mars. George Lucas could send several missions. What's their secret?

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