JSC &LaRC PAO Refuse To Answer Simple Questions About Aircraft Usage

Keith's note: The other day, at the encouragement of several folks at LaRC PAO, I sent an email to LaRC PAO asking "Can you tell me the total cost of last week's free Constellation breakfast at LaRC, how many attended (how many civil servants and contractors), and who (program, directorate etc.) paid the cost of this breakfast?. Also, some people used a NASA plane to fly to/from JSC. Can you tell me who (names) was on the plane, how much that round trip cost, and who the cost of this trip (program, directorate etc.) was charged to?"

Marny Skora at LaRC PAO declined to answer becuase "The recognition event was held here, but organized by JSC. Kylie Clem will shortly be contacting you." Kylie Cleam promptly replied "The JSC Office of Chief Counsel requested that your inquiry be submitted to the JSC FOIA officer, Stella Luna. She can be reached via email at ..."

In other words both LaRC and NASA JSC PAO are formally refusing to say "yes" or "no" as to whether NASA personnel flew to/from NASA LaRC to participate in the ESMD breakfast or provide any information. Rather, they are forcing me to go though a FOIA process that will take time and cost taxpayers money. So much for openness and transparency at NASA. Clearly someone is afraid to talk about this.

Keith's update: Kylie Clem subsequently replied: "To answer your new question, yes, JSC personnel did fly to LaRC on the plane. That was stated as a fact in your original email, so I did not realize you were requesting confirmation. The additional details you requested, however, should be submitted through FOIA."

Free Breakfast, Courtesy of Constellation, earlier post

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