NASA OIG Audit of SBIR Program

NASA OIG Small Business Innovation (SBIR) Program Audit Report

"Our review found that while NASA's initial choice of SBIR award recipients appeared objective and merit-based, its oversight and monitoring of awards was deficient. In addition to the estimated $2.7 million in unallowable and unsupportable costs that included travel and equipment expenses, we found that NASA officials lacked adequate procedures to ensure SBIR applicants' past performance had been considered when selecting recipients of approximately $85.7 million in "Phase 2" SBIR funds. Federal acquisition rules require consideration of past performance information in awards of more than $100,000 to ensure the selected proposal represents the best value."

Statement by Sen. Rockefeller Regarding the NASA OIG Audit Report on NASA's SBIR Program

"Government-supported scientific research and innovation is one of the keys to our country's future economic growth. We can't afford to lose any of our precious research and development dollars to waste, fraud or abuse," Chairman Rockefeller said. "I congratulate the NASA Inspector General for taking a clear, hard look at the way NASA awards, administers and tracks SBIR funds. I urge NASA to quickly implement the Inspector General's recommendations and put an end to the problems the IG has identified."

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