NASA's "Public" Technology Meetings That They Never Told the Public About

Q&A: NASA Tech Chief on 'Sputnik' Moments and Innovation,

" What is NASA doing today to move technology along in this country?

Braun: We are currently holding meetings with the National Research Council that are open to the public to discuss innovative technological ideas and insights that could influence the future of space exploration. We need help with prioritizing which technology NASA should pursue on a limited budget. We know we can make a difference through tech to reinvigorate the aerospace industry and get NASA back to its roots as a true innovator. But we can only do that if we have a plan. This community-driven activity was called for by Congress in the NASA Authorization Act of 2010, and so far we are off to a great start."

Keith's note: This article was published online today. I guess Bobby Braun must have a time machine on his agenda of new technologies that NASA will develop so that the public can go back in time and attend the meetings that he and his organization did nothing to publicize in advance (i.e. tell "the public"). No one from his organization has ever explained this odd, after-the-fact approach.

NASA's Stealth Technology Roadmap Meetings, earlier post

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