NASA's Stealth Technology Roadmap Meetings

Keith's note: This Tweet by @NASA_Technology (NASA office of Chief Technologist) just appeared: "The NRC kicks off review of NASA's space tech roadmaps. Media Advisory: Future Tech for NASA Missions - Mtg Jan. 26 & 28"

Wow. Who knew.

No mention was made by NASA until today that this event is happening - and the event is starting tomorrow. You have to wonder why these folks in Bobby Braun's office even go through the effort of releasing this stuff since they seem to do so at the last possible second when people already have their week scheduled. The National Research Council did not bother to alert people until today.

A Tweet by @NASA_Technology over the weekend was the only announcement that these documents are out for review - and no mention was made of these meetings. I Googled and found this page "Space Technology Roadmaps (DRAFT)" and posted its content on my websites at that point - since there is no link to this page from OCT's homepage i.e. it is more or less hidden unless you know to go look for it.

There is no mention of this activty or meetings anywhere on OCT's home page including their "news" page. No mention is made at - no press release or mention of this event is on their calendar.

- NASA Space Technology Roadmaps Available for Public Review and Comment, Earlier post

Keith's update: The NRC tells me that they sent a media advisory out on 20 Jan. I am supposed to be on their mailing list. I doubled checked - I never got this announcement. That said, given the importance to NASA, I still find it baffling with all of the promotion of "new technology" by Bobby Braun, that he has done so little to let people know that this is going on other than a Twitter link put out by his staff on a weekend evening. Hmm ... I wonder how much this roadmapping activity cost NASA ...

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