Shuttle Launch Preps - No Money? No Problem.

NASA gives go-ahead for additional shuttle flight, AP

"NASA doesn't know yet where it will get the money, but on Thursday the space agency officially added another space shuttle launch to its schedule -- the final one for the fleet. The space agency set a target launch date of June 28 for the shuttle Atlantis and started preparations for the 135th and last shuttle flight. The four-member crew will take up supplies to the International Space Station, make one spacewalk, and return a faulty pump that has bedeviled engineers."

Keith's note: Amazing. NASA has now learned how to prepare for a shuttle flight - something that used to cost money - with money it does not have. I hope the MSL and Webb folks stop by for a copy of the secret recipe SOMD is using.

NASA Presses Ahead With STS-135 Preparations Despite Budget Uncertainty, earlier post

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